About Us

Trueway is the well known brand of digital room thermostat, delivering only high quality and durable products. The quality checking is a time consuming process, it has to undergo many test including manual and system generated. But we aren't in a hurry because we believe the success stands in our customer's satisfaction so we have to ensure the complete perfection of our products.

Our Mission And Vision

Trueway FZE is one of the popular Thermostat Supplier in UAE. Our mission is to understand the upcoming trends of Thermostats for Air Conditioners and forces that will shape our Air Conditioning Accessories in UAE in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. We are trying to thrive to expand our business all over the world as the increasing needs of our products. Our aim is to create a portfolio that brings to the world with Top Brand for Thermostat product that anticipate and satisfy our esteemed customer’s upcoming demands. In order to meet our customers ever growing demands for outdo Top Brand for Thermostat products our product specialists will help our esteemed customers to select the right products from our wide range to meet their expectations. Our main focus you to provide higher quality products with a viable price dispatched on schedule.

In order to manage and meet our ever growing demand for our high Top Brand for Thermostat products, we are strategically located at the Business centre, Rak free trade Zone in city of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

Trueway products are constructed and manufactured with highest quality parts and by some of the world's most brilliant engineers. Also we deeply understand the significance of after sales service and ensure complete customer satisfaction with our Thermostat Supplier in UAE. We are facilitated with a dedicated team of sales and service; they are always equipped and ready to cater to the needs of all our esteemed customers. We have a well qualified R&D team of air conditioning products with many years experience in the core of talent; show a high degree of technology integration and development capabilities. Trueways fze’s overall goal is to further develop the company as a global leader in air conditioning solution providers status.

Our Featured Policies

We strive to maintain a high quality back up service for all our clients.
We aim to maintain a long lasting relationship with our customers by providing high performance equipments.
We maintain a world class standard in all our endeavours.
Our aim is to provide world class product with competing price.

Our global expansion strategy

As part of our global expansion strategy, we plan to source out thermostats for air conditioners from Far East by centralising Hong Kong and sell through our Thermostat Supplier in UAE branch to the Middle East region. We plan to start off with marketing control products for air-condition with Thermostat Supplier. Apart from our range of thermostats for air conditioners, we also provide solutions for air conditioning, and refrigeration.